This documentation provides the information you need to get started with Logistimo products.
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Logistimo SCM product is a composition of client apps (mobile and web), backend services and analytics suite for handling big data concerns. Micro services architecture is adopted to enable rapid development of features at scale, and to build reusable generic services that can be used to compose other systems.

SCM application as a whole is a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services with each service implementing set of narrowly related functions within a context. This documentation defines various components and their interactions in context of a whole system.

The quick prototype of the SCM product can be launched using the following methods:


The purpose of this document is to address the installation and configuration details of the actual implementation.

This document serves mainly the following purposes.

  • Detail the functionality which will be provided by each component or group of components and show how the various components interact with each other

  • Explain in detail about the different components and services.