This page detials about the Client applications used in SCM product
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Store management app (Iota)

A Native android app for managing the inventory, assets of stores. It is optimised to provide seamless experience in low resource environments. It uses the REST client and JSON to talk to the backend services. It supports full offline mode, and uses multi-channel transmission (including SMS) to sync data with the server.

Monitoring app (Pulse)

A Native android app for supervisors and administrators to get a pulse of the supply chain. Follows a similar design to Store app, and use Reactive programming style significantly using RxJava. It has dashboards, summarisation cards, order approvals, and full inventory and asset views of the entire domain.

Web app

AngularJS based single page web application, providing a native desktop like experience. This relies on the same REST APIs of the backend services, and provides the full management functionality along with ability to perform store management functions. Web app provides rich dashboards, and report visualisations using the analytics data. Javascript, and HTML templates required for the applications can be downloaded via CDN to enable quick loading of the website. This application can also be packaged as a desktop application using tools like electron.

Angular JS is open source client side web application framework, primarily addressing all the challenges encountered in developing single page web applications. It aims to simplify both the development and testing of the system by providing a framework for client side MVC and MVVM ( Model view - View model ) along with components commonly used in rich web applications.

Reasons for choosing angularJS

  • Rich web application with dynamic views.

  • Simple and quick to develop and test.

  • Proven solution and has active online community.

  • Enables API driven design, since web application that runs on client browser will also utilise the same APIs.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors are third party IoT devices that can sense temperatures and push the data utilising the REST APIs to broadcast the temperature information of the assets ( Fridges, Deep freezers) they monitor. These devices support multi-channel transmission , and can send data over SMS if necessary.