This page lists common errors and the steps needed to troubleshoot them.
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Issues while running the site using docker or docker-compose

Address already in use

When you try to build the site, you get this error:

Error:  Address already in use - bind(2)

When the container is downloaded and initiated but failed during the startup will endup in the “exited” state. Next time when you try to start the container, it will throw address already used error. To fix this, make sure you have all the correct configuration for services and remove the failed containers.

To remove the failed container, use the below command:

docker ps -a [ Get the container ID of the existed containers]

docker rm -f <container ID> [Provide the container ID of the existed containers]

To delete all the containers together, use the below command

docker rm -f $(docker ps -a -q)

Services failed to start

If you run in to the issue where all the configurations are correct but still the services failed to start, such situation occurs when the server resources ( CPU and MEMORY) is not enough. The minimum required resource is 4 CPU and 16GB RAM. Recommanded OS is centos or any Linux OS to avoid permission/firewall issues on server.

Site not accessible

If all the services are up but still site is not accessible, it could be due to application started before database. You can check the app logs to find out the root cause. To fix this please restart the app container once again.

The other reasons could be app not able to connect to hadoop and activemq. Make sure all the 3rd party services are up and running and application is connected to those services.

Not receiving email notifications

Email notification can be configured for the logistimo service using below environment variables in docker command or in yaml files for different types of setups we have mentioned in this documentation:


If you are not receiving emails even after the after configuring above mentioned environmental variable during the docker run, possible reasons could be due to invalid email ID or the Gmail is blocking the emails.

The reason for Gmail blacklisting your server could be due to security breach, either a compromised user account or web application that is sending spam. Make sure you use the valid ID and provisioned the SMTP server with required permissions.