This page detials about the license model used for logistimo
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License Model

Logistimo source code is released under a “dual-licensing” model. Under this model, developers may choose to use Logistimo under the open source GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) or under a commercial license. Whichever license you choose, you will receive support from Logistimo.

Logistimo for open source projects

If you are developing and distributing open source applications under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) or the GNU General Public License, then you are free to use Logistimo under the GNU APGL License version 3. The formal terms of AGPL can be found on the GNU website. Any software the uses code under AGPL is itself subject to the same AGPL licensing terms.

For licensing Logistimo under alternate terms, without being constrained with the obligations of AGPL, you can contact us to purchase a commercial license. We are able to provide Logistimo source code license with the appropriate exceptions to make it work in your environment.

When in doubt, please keep this in mind: unless you want all of the source code you write be freely available to everyone, you should consider a commercial license.

Logistimo for commercial projects

If you do not license Logistimo source code under AGPL, but would still like to include Logistimo in your projects, then we are able to provide you with a flexible commercial license.

The commercial license is an agreement with Logistimo for organizations that do not want to release their application source code. Commercially licensed customers get a commercially supported product with required assurances from Logistimo. Commercial licensees are also free from the requirement of making their application open source.

Here are some typical examples of a commercial distribution:

  • Selling software that includes Logistimo to customers who install the software on their own machines.

  • Selling software that requires customers to install Logistimo on their machines.

  • Building a hardware system that includes Logistimo and selling the hardware system to customers for installation at their own locations.

More specifically:

  • If you include Logistimo with an application that is not licensed under AGPL, you need a commercial license for Logistimo.

  • If you develop and distribute a commercial application and as part of using your application, the end user must download a copy of Logistimo, for each derivative work, you (or your end user) need a commercial license for Logistimo.

AGPL users have not direct legal relationship with Logistimo. The commercial license, on the other hand, is a private license by Logistimo, and provides a direct legal relationship by Logistimo.

Logistimo’s dual licensing model increases freedom in two ways: firstly, it encourages the growth of free software by licensing Logistimo under AGPL, and secondly, it makes it possible to use Logistimo in all situations where AGPL is not applicable. Such a model also promotes a policy of fair exchange, that compensates us if our software makes money for you.


  • To all commercial and government organizations, we recommend the commercial license, which comes with full support. This frees you from the broad and strict requirements of the AGPL license.

  • To all free software enthusiasts, we recommend the AGPL license.

  • To anyone in doubt, we recommend the commercial license.